Welcome to Crash Data Forensics

Crash Data Forensics is a private company that specialises in road traffic accident investigation and reconstruction.

What we do

  1. Wreck Management

    • This service aims to minimize cost and maximise return on motor salvage.

    • With our extensive experience in wreck management we have developed a system which makes the process a lot simpler.

  2. Loss adjusting Motor and Non Motor

    • We believe that claims and underwriting should be closely aligned, for this reason we have developed a system and process to ensure the best turn around time, validation and underwriting feedback is achieved.

  3. Damage Assessing Motor

    • A large footprint of highly qualified motor assessors ensures that vehicles are assessed on time and that the repair costs is a true reflection of the actual damages.

  4. Accident Reconstruction

    • It is imperative that all liability claims for or against be investigated thoroughly to ensure that liability is accurately established. Our resident reconstruction expert is internationally qualified. He has been involved in a number of high profile cases that required expect testimony in the High Court.

  5. 3rd Party Tracing

    • With a wide network of contacts as well as a dedicates team of tracers, we have successfully traced countless third parties.

  6. Pre Inspection Motor, Non Motor and Agri

    • The importance of a proper pre inspection must never be underestimated. With our extensive knowledge of vehicle identity crime, commercial and residential building codes as well as agricultural equipment risks, we are able to minimize the risk of insuring poor risks.

  7. Stolen and recovered Vehicles

    • With a sound knowledge of processes and procedures involving the recovery of stolen vehicles, the speedy release of these vehicle can be assured.

    • We do Cross border recoveries in all SADC countries.